2017 Tour Dates:

Nov. 5 - 10
Nov. 11 - 16


Atchafalaya Basin

Experience the beauty of the Atchafalaya Basin — the nation’s largest river swamp, containing almost one million acres of America's most significant bottom-land hardwoods, swamps, bayous, and backwater lakes.


Capture stunning images of the Atchafalaya during spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Mist and/or low lying fog make for terrific images and this region is known for atmospheric images. Your guides will work hard to find ideal places to take photos. Or, feel free to explore on your own, within tour limits!


Kayaking in the Atchafalaya allows you to easily glide into untouched areas of the swamp, get up close to this beautiful ecosystem, and capture images of wildlife and cypress trees. Kayaks, paddles, and life vests are provided. Power boats will take you to more distant locations for you to paddle in.

Night Shoot / Gumbo Dinner

Savor traditional Louisiana cooking on the shores of the Atchafalaya. Relax and enjoy this time with fellow attendees and get to know your guides a bit better. In addition, the night shoot of the stars and silhouettes of cypress laden with moss is always a favorite.

Experienced Guides

Our three experienced guides are committed to helping you get the most out of the tour. CC Lockwood has been leading tours into the region for over 40 years. With a 4:1 student to instructor ratio, you’re sure to get individual attention.


See a diverse collection of wildlife including birds, reptiles, amphibians, alligators, and more. The Atchafalaya is home to over 85 species of fish, 200 species of birds, alligators, and black bear. We will help you identify what you see and photograph.

As the Mist Rises is pleased to work with the Atchafalaya National Heritage Area. Their mission is to build understanding and identity, raising local, regional, and national awareness of the Atchafalaya region; to strengthen the fabric of the place; to expand economic opportunities and to increase the community collaboration and involvement within the parishes that constitute the heritage area while supporting a healthier Atchafalaya ecosystem and enhancing natural resource-based recreation opportunities. Learn more on the Atchafalaya National Heritage Area website.